Burne Dreyfus

Will do what ever it takes to survive..


As a boy he was found in the plains just east of Londor, barley any clothing on him, and no recollection on how he ended up where he was. The only thing he had on him at the time were two cobra hatch-lings, one black and one white. The man who found him took him in and raised him as his own son, that man was Coker. as Burne got older, the more he took after his father figure. the snakes grew and turned out to have these special abilities that help him with his line of work. the black Cobra has this paralyzing venom, while the White snake holds the antidote to the venom. they come in handy with his job.

Years later he settles down in a village near the coast and has two children with his wife Octavia, the children’s names are Atticus (boy), and Guinevere (girl). his wife Octavia passed away a few days after giving birth to there daughter. he was never really the same after that. a while later he took up bounty hunting again. and went out on his own for months at time. it was his way of coping. he still loves his family and hopes to one day get back to them.

Burne will do anything for Coker, because he did save his life. and allowed him to have a normal life. he once told Coker that if there is anything he needs just send for him and he will drop everything to come to his aide. and that day may soon come.

Burne Dreyfus

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