The Elves

Lore Lesson: The Elves

The elves come from a wondrous celestial event called a “Moon Shower”, where parts of the actual moon break off and shower over the earth. This event is rare, and each event is spread out over the course of hundreds of years. The elven firstborn (the first of a generation) adapt quickly to where they land, directing the course of how their descendants will develop. So far, there have been 6 generations of elves. Naming of elves actually comes from the generation they were born from (their “middle” name, or moon name)

  • Oros: 1st generation; the Oronai, or high-elves; landed in East Rytoria, built the 1st elven cities
  • Deos: 2nd generation; the Deosira, or wood-elves; landed in/near Worweald
  • Tero: 3rd generation; the Terosine, or sea-elves; landed in the ocean
  • Cortis: 4th generation; the Cortisar, or frost-elves; landed in the cold north
  • Keva: 5th generation; the Keval, or sand-elves; landed in Toryth; hunted to near extinction
  • Sivis: 6th generation; the Sivisir, or dark-elves; came from the dark side of the moon

The older generations tend to hold prejudice towards those who came after, more so with the 1st generation having this condition towards others. Also, it is important to note that forcibly trying to create an artificial generation by creating a Moon Shower through one’s own means could result in drastic side effects. Perhaps this has already happened once before…

The Elves

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